September 22, 2014

Milo Baughman nightstands

I've complete some nightstands based on a Milo Baughman design.  The originals are bamboo, and have smaller dimensions.
milo baughman tyler mckenzie nightstand

My fabricator came through with some really nice stainless bases.

milo baughman tyler mckenzie nightstand

The chevroned fronts where tricky to make.

milo baughman tyler mckenzie nightstand

 Decent sized matchbooks with waterfall edges.

milo baughman tyler mckenzie nightstand

August 3, 2014

Floating nightstands

A set of floating nightstands i made for a client.  Book matched fronts with book matched sides and top.  Plus some handcut half blind dovetails for the drawer joinery.

floating nightstands bruegel

half blind dovetails

floating nightstands


July 14, 2014

White oak Hall table

Here's a small floating white oak floating shelf with drawer my client is going to use in their front entrance.  

hall table floating

Hand cut dovetails and leather pull.

floating hall table white oak


June 12, 2014

Floating hall table

Just finished a floating hall table in Walnut, with hand cut dovetails for a client.

walnut floating hall table


May 21, 2014

Tool Cabinet

Well i finally got back to working on my tool cabinet innards.  As you can see no space for hand saws, which is odd because making a space for my handsaws was the impetus for starting the cabinet in the first place.  For some silly reason i switched tack to one day having a complete set of Stanley 8-1 planes plus a scrub.  The cabinet is far from complete, i still need to build the bottom drawers, add some spokeshave hangers and other odds and ends.   

The projects other goal has been to use stuff I have laying in the shop. Olive burl i bought on ebay years ago.

 Quartered red oak core with mystery veneer and mystery solid wood edging.