September 22, 2009

Our Shop

It's a small shop, 400 square feetish. Designed around one person. But that works for us most of the time. We completed closing in our carport last year so the shop is about a year old.

Kelly is a full time social worker, and i a cabinetmaker; i try to use that term loosely because making boxes doesn't sound very poetic. But it is the majority of my work, so i will try to embrace 'cabinetmaker', it just sounds so limiting . To balance our work lives Kelly and i have just opened an Etsy site. It's like having a dog that might barf up money. Who wouldn't like that!



  1. looks like a great workshop! Best wishes on that dog that barfs money idea!

  2. Great workshop looks like a great place to be busy in. So a Dog that might barf up money, is that anything like a cat that may cough up a coin ball?

    I've added you to my follow list

  3. The dog has officially done his biz twice!