November 17, 2009


Last week we went to Seattle and saw Devo with a bunch of friends. Everyone had a great time. Devo put on a great show, i wasn't sure what to expect, but they ruled.

Kelly is developing some new goods for the Winter Cache art/craft show , her schedule is running a little tight. There is a bunch of great artists involved, we're very happy to be included. Kelly also got a scroll saw, her first tool!

I am 90% done working on a large 2 person workstation photos to come soon. It's pretty 'meat and potatoes' stuff, but coming together smoothly.

Today i finished some pepper mills to go with our existing s&p line. They're fun to make, lots of boring. We're using the ceramic crush mechanism, I like that they give you ability to streamline your design. I'm a big fan of neutral aesthetics.

Wood types: Eastern maple, American Black Walnut, and local Walnut.



  1. Devo still play live! Who knew?

    The mills are beautiful.

  2. I'm impressed they are still a group! I remember them from grade school!

  3. if that doesn't bring me back to the good ole dance days!!!
    awesome work here.

  4. Howdy

    Man your stuff rules! I love the Tote and Shakers! I may be placing an Xmas order pretty soon. How did the Martha Stewart email pan out?

  5. thanks Ian

    I think Martha put me on ice. I shot myself in the foot. The producer envisioned me in a 7 minute time slot, which i told her would be challenging to explain to a non-woodworking viewer how i make a tote. Also to explain the process without getting technical, and alienating the majority of viewers would be impossible for me. I did pitch some other ideas which are more appropriate to the venue, so we'll see if anything comes of it.