February 1, 2010

My First Vehicle!

I'm a little old to be getting my first ever motor vehicle but it happened. It took me a year of dilly-dallying until I finally made a decision. I'll take you through the evolution of my car wish list.

It all started with the Japanese mini trucks. Great on gas, but in the end just to small for my needs.

Next up, we have the VW double cab, which fits the bill in every way. Unfortunately I have no mechanical knowledge and didn't want another project if something went sideways. I do see one of these in my future though.

Then there was a 1947 Studebaker for sale locally. I thought I'd let practicality slide but Kelly wouldn't. So shiney! Honk! I don't know why i am turning into a premature old timer.

Well in the end, I ended up with something so boring, and maybe even creepy.



  1. I like the japan mini truck. but never been a fan of volkswagen

  2. it's just creepy if your creepy.
    nice van. an odd first vehicle, but nice.

  3. Sweet ride!

    You should airbrush a mural on the side of that bad boy. I see a warrior princess riding a robot sabertooth on mars.

    I've had a hankering for one of those Japaneese "MiniBrutes" myself, but the idea of right hand drive makes me leery.

    The VW is super sweet, but what you really need is a 21 window samba!

  4. I think if i add anything it'll be a reversing camera, no rear windows. It's also the extended version, I am not very comfortable reversing it yet.

    The sambas are super nice but a little out of my league.


  5. nice! congrats :)
    i actually just got my first new vehicle last week. very exciting!

    p.s. greetings from a fellow kelowna-person... kelownian? kelowner? anyways - found your blog via the Post Grad Hair Cut blog :)