June 2, 2010

Credenza me

I've accumulated some extra material over the last couple projects so it's time to combine my favorite things: shop cleansing, credenzas and new to me wood species.

Here the panels have their applied veneer and are waiting for some sanding, doweling, and splines.

Bottom, back and sides assembled.

I have a pretty good idea of what the front is going to look like, 3 long drawers (but i am still hashing it out). I have no idea what the legs will look like, i am thinking 1 3/4 maple dowels. Maybe that's to simple.



  1. nice work...
    so what's the new to you species? zebrano?
    how do you deal with veneers? vacum bag or press or iron or hammer?
    that shaper is awesome.
    nice that you got the d&w going. does that mean your getting rid of another saw?

  2. It's called Pal Dao. It has a nice muted grey tone that i couldn't refuse.
    I bagged them.
    It's nice to have the D&W contributing to the effort. Funny you should say 'rid', the deal was if i get the D&W i have to sell the Walker turner 14". But i lied and in the last two weeks started restoring the WT, just have to put the bearings and new tires on.

    Hey if you're ever driving through B.C. again, you have a place to crash in Kelowna.


  3. The dowel legs sound perfect. Always, always go simple.