August 3, 2010

Credenza finished

Cleaning up the legs.

Had to use my old router table setup for the rail tails. I was reminded of why i upgraded. The stock adjustment on the 2 1/4 pc is junk.

Rails with legs. Dry fit, then disassembled for finish.

Unrelated but awesome garage sale find: big Gross Stabil F clamps for 10 bucks.

Inset 3mm felt Runner.

At his new home with some buds.

Boxy, but ideal for socks and undies.



  1. This is SO cool looking! Very modern!

  2. very nice. that finger joint is pretty great.
    i wish my underpants had such a nice home.

  3. Thanks everyone.

    Jacques i do enjoy an over sized finger joint, relatively quick on the table saw and strong.

    I might have to upgrade my costco socks though.


  4. Nice, clean work, well done.

    Is it three wide drawers? How do you keep them from racking? Centre glides?

    Costco socks are incredible, my first bagful has lasted three years. :)

  5. hey Darnell, it is three wide drawers. i haven't had a problem with racking. I used soft close under-mount slides, which leans this piece into the cabinet category. But for my needs and time it was the right choice.

    Three years. Holy smokes.


  6. so beauitiful and lovely choice of wood :-)