March 31, 2011

Sharpening Day

Time to get out the patience. The 130 planer is a nice machine but setting up the knifes is a bit tedious; no jack screws unlike the Poitras jointer. I pretty much follow Bob Vaughan's excellent instructions for jointers and planers, but i find with the jointer i can get great results with just a straight edge and a sharp ear & eye.



  1. Hey Tyler

    Have you ever used the One Way Multi-Gauge? I love it for set ups. It looks like you already have jigs made up so you don't need one. They only thing it doesn't do is planer head set ups.

  2. Hey Ian, I haven't, but it looks solid like all their products, and it's made in Canada! A true setup tool is a must in any shop. I need a nice mitre slot gauge, but i'll have to make one up because my mitre slots are 20mm, darn South America tool makers. Thanks for the heads up.