July 12, 2011

Walnut build

On the tool front this is my latest acquisition made by Jessem. Not the Domino i've been wanting but it was a 1/4 of the price. Apparently you can't purchase the Jessem anymore because of patient infringement, all i know is it's well made and robust. Good enough for me.

The mitred and doweled doors are also going to get the special panel treatment as the wenge piece. Pictures to come!



  1. Hey Tyler, that looks incredible. Do you lay your veneers down yourself or buy the plywood with it already on?

  2. Thanks Ian,
    i lay and stitch them myself. the quarter sawn walnut came from a 18' wide flitch, and the off cuts got used for the under sides.
    I now have access to a massive press, it makes doing full sheets a breeze but small pieces still visit the vacuum press.

  3. Are you sure the Jessem jig is no longer available? There is certainly no indication of this on their website and they seem to be in stock in a variety of places.

  4. the place i bought it from was told they had to remove it from their shelves because of a patient infringement with dowel max. I had to persuade the retail to sell me it, as they had already pulled it. I could be wrong, time will tell.