September 14, 2011

Fir Walls and Fir Benches

Here's the latest build, a large Fir architectural wall with acoustical properties. It'll provide a back drop for shows, events, and kill some of the echo large rooms create.

300 plugs! Needless to say I invested in a Bosch flush cut saw, and was quite impressed.

It's in an amazing room, with beautiful timber frames, and very stout construction. I'll be excited to see it come alive with people and events.

I also did four fixed benches throughout the building.



  1. As always, jealous and speechless, you rule Tyler!

  2. If you screwed from the backside you wouldn't have had to use plugs

  3. Unfortunately that wouldn't have worked for the application. Building it seperate of the wall would become problematic due to its size (24'x8').