December 9, 2009

Bow ties and Dovetails

I love the sliding dovetail, easy to make, and strong. Great for tables with a thick top, it eliminates all the ugly hardware. I've used this method once before and really like the results. I have a metal fabrication friend (Derrick S, pictured below what a hunk of skid) who's making me the legs. Each table is only getting two legs to reduce knee knocking. The tables are for a coffee shop so they'll see a lot of traffic, we'll be anchoring them into the cement.

Skateboarding and photography use to be a big part of my life. Love Hate.

The tables rails are walnut, they're going to get tapered. Looking a little chunky at the moment.

I really don't like using contrasting woods for my bow ties, these are even popping out to much for me.

Scribe isn't perfect, i'm not sure how far i should take it.



  1. Wow! What talent! This is amazing to see.

  2. Cool! I love to see how things are made!

  3. Great skate photo... my husband has lots of pics of himself skating too.
    He's archived all the old decks he's skated.. you might be interested:

  4. maybe you should shoot photos of skating more ya dolt.