December 17, 2009

Table tops done-ish

On the underside i tried a walnut bow tie for a name plate.

Pictured below are the two pieces sliding along the dovetailed rails to form the table top. You can see the amount of checking would render these boards useless if cut down for component parts. I feel good about using heavily checked wood for Nakashima style tables. But a silly amount of bow ties was required.

I am curious to see the colour streaking with a finish.

I am waiting on some General Finishes water based polyurethane, to do some tests with. I'd love to use something more natural but the tables will be high use.



  1. them gonna be some nice tables. i always drool over the gnarly gary oaks when i'm out that way... i think them being protected just adds to the attraction...
    come on, i just want one of them.

  2. I was told these logs came from a farm, who cleared them 10 years ago. Not sure if Victoria's bylaw was in affect then. None the less there might be some more out there from this lot, try Or better yet maybe Paul Gartside brought some to Shelburne, Nova Scotia.

  3. Love the name plate. Super styles. Be sure to do a follow up on the water based poly. I am curious.