January 24, 2010

Bloggy Award

Valerie of Cabin+Cub was very sweet to pass on a Happy 101 blog award to us. The rules of the award are that you list 10 things that make you happy and tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.

Here are 10 things that make me smile.

1. Tyler, my co-blogger, fire builder, appreciator of botched cooking experiments.

2. Coming home to a warm house and a fire raging in the fireplace.

3. All the animals who share our yard: the deer, the fearless family of raccoons, the drifts of quail, the coyote who passes through every morning, the black bear, the great horned owl and the big bully Steller's Jay.

4. Saturday mornings reading in bed while Tyler sleeps in.

5. The moments where time and inspiration occur together. Crafting bliss.

6. Board games and my fiercely competitive friends.

7. Dogs. Dog walking. Dog snuggling. Dogs.

8. Soft wool socks.

9. Meandering road trips. Whether we are hunting for undeveloped hot springs or furniture in junk stores, singing Talking Heads at the top of our lungs or listening to Radio Lab in silence, on the road is when I am happiest.

10. My creative, crafting buds.

And the 10 bloggers who make me smile. These are the blogs I read when I drink my tea in the morning and who often provide the inspiration to get my day started (when I wish I could be sleeping).

Paige and Modern
Lord Godfrey
Grain Chronicles
For me, for you
Sauer + Steiner
all the mountains
Haiiku Design
Commas and Clauses


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