January 24, 2010

Router table

I found a 3 1/4 hp router for cheap, its not a router i'd like to push around, way to heavy. I've been wanting a nice router table set up for awhile, the router in my bench did me well but the height adjustment mechanism wasn't reliable. After some research i bought a discontinued Bench dog router lift, which seems to be very well made. No gimmicks just solid construction.

I wanted a heavy stationary table. I decided to laminated three pieces of mfd for the top.

The legs are getting box joints, and the rails are half lapped.

the box joint was cut on the table saw and the remainder chiseled out.

Test fit, i didn't go all the way, getting them apart would be a real pain.

Half lap fitting.

I was hoping to get this done in a weekend, but these large box joints take forever to make. I should save this kind of joinery for a table. But i figure i spend the majority of my time in my shop, so why not work on something nice and get some practice. More to come.


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