July 16, 2010

Band saw number 2

My personal projects always tend to get pushed aside and gather dust for some months. I've been meaning to finish up a band saw restore, but i halted at crowning the tires. My last band saw's tires where tedious and harry, so I've been avoiding the task. But at the time of my discouragement i lacked a disk sander, what a difference the right tool can make.

With the tires crowned and some new bearings my 14" Walker Turner from 1948 is finally done.

Best friends!



  1. that looks like a huge disc sander... who knew kelowna was such a hot bed of arn.

  2. the disc sander actually came from Boeing in Seattle, i did some poaching. Its a 24" Max, you should see it sharpen a pencil! I can't complain Kelowna has provided my table saw, shaper, and Walker turner band saw.