July 23, 2010

Tails First

Small box project with Garry Oak from Victoria, and some sentimental red wood from Sooke.

The oak is really twisted but i got what i needed. First time i've resawed on the Davis and Wells the results where smile inducing.

The lid will be frame and panel construction. An elegant design i don't feel the need to mess with.

Super rusty when it comes to handcut dovetails. Aunties mac & cheese and black tea with a mound of sugar and cream pulls me through.

Oak and dovetails, i've been down this road before. It's not a forgiving wood. In the cuts i try to find some patience.



  1. nice work. must be quite a change from baltic birch.
    is garry oak pretty similar to white?

  2. thanks Jacques
    It's my understanding it's a type of white oak. I do enjoy tackling a smaller project, its nice to tune up the chisel and get at it.