July 26, 2010

Fire and box

We had a brush fire break out 3 km away from our house yesterday, luckily it was contained quickly with a fleet of retardant bombers and helicopters. Anyways in my frenzied hast to document our belongings for insurance reasons i erased a bunch of photos of the box build.

I am beginning to think the panel isn't red wood, it looks like yellow cedar but lacks the smell. So i really don't know. Ideas?

I am going to pre-finish the panel then assemble and fit the lid.

Some brass Brusso hinges are on the way.



  1. yikes about the fire!

    and thats a nice box, i think im gonna tackle a smaller project next.

  2. thanks nick
    nothing weirder then documenting all your belongings.
    i really do enjoy small projects.