May 28, 2012

Teak Couch


 We stumbled across this Westnofa couch and chairs a couple weeks ago on a camping trip with some buds.  I was really drawn to the teak frame and low profile.  I could feel the original upholstery's seems underneath the floral print; I imagined some pristine gray wool hopsack fabric waiting to be uncovered.

Nope!   Just some musty bulging abs, and gross disintegrating latex foam.  The foam powdered to the touch, this kinda stuff gives me the heebees.

With not much of a choice we've decided to give the couch and chairs a complete restore: new pirelli webbing, multiple layers of foam, upholstery fabric and refinishing the teak frame and legs.  I'm all for keeping things original, but the 'abs' are just to funny to stay.  I've decided to only take on one chair at first to make sure i am capable of the task, but It should be fun. 



  1. I haven't taken the 'newer' floral print upholstery off the couch yet, curious to see how ripped* it is.